Excellent for fitness and realistic self defence

Been attending since May 16. Instructor Ken and the more experienced members of the group are great at welcoming and encouraging you, going over moves so you get them right. My fitness has improved inside and outside of the class. I have no previous experience of any martial arts so I am finding it challenging yet as the class covers different abilities I am not out of place. The self defence covers real life scenarios so is good and has made me more confident when I am new places on my own. A typical class starts with a warm up, some combative fitness moves, then what I what would call the lesson working in small groups or pairs, then something different and fun that uses the moves from earlier / previous weeks. Expect a good work out as well as learning self defence and counter attacks. Various types of pads and weapons are used. Expect a few bruises as well. The instruction is thorough. Otter

Aug 11 2016 - (Active Student with 1 - 3 Months Experience at this school), Read review

A great place to keep fit and learn to defend yourself

A really dedicated and enthusiastic coach and a relaxed atmosphere

Make Blackburn Krav Maga a great place to learn how to defend

Yourself . With fitness drills for all capability it’s really worth a try.

S Flannery

Aug 01 2016 (Active Student with 6 Months - 1 Year Experience at this school), Read review

Fantastic Classes – I would recommend to anyone!

I thoroughly enjoy these classes and can’t wait every week for the next one! They are well thought out, and give you a great confidence. Ken the instructor is top notch!


Mar 13 2016 - (Active Student with 3 - 6 Months Experience at this school), Read review

The best self defence class out there!

Having attended multiple classes in various other self defence/martial arts groups this by far is the best decision I’ve ever made, very realistic techniques and scenarios and very effective for any gender age etc, no pressure or confusing techniques. Ken is a great instructor and down to earth guy and what you see is what you get with this class simple but yet VERY effective techniques.


Sep 08 2015 - (Active Student with 1 - 3 Months Experience at this school), Read review

Great instructor, good group and easy to learn

I was looking for a class that had the right mix, good enthusiastic students, quality instructor and a place to get fit and properly understand the details of self defense. I’m very glad I found this group as it ticks all the boxes. KM seems to be everything that Martial arts should be without the “floweriness” that seems to accompany most others which is exactly what I was looking for. I cannot recommend this group enough, Ken in particular is so enthusiastic about the sport that I can’t wait for Thursday nights.


Sep 05 2015 - (Active Student with 1 - 3 Months Experience at this school), Read review

Authentic krav maga coaching

Professional coaching of authentic krav maga. Great to learn effective self defence techniques from a committed professionally trained coach. Try it! First class offered as a free introduction.


Sep 04 2015 - (Familiar with the School , No Personal Experience at this school), Read review